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  • PB# 0 0- 3 9-1-23.
  • 1 Q2) WTNI#R HWY.
  • (SHAW) ^ *f^SS£^iii ••=«•"' *&&m January 2 6, 2000 18 KWG REALTY (GALLAGHER TRUCKS) SITE PLAN (00-03) Gregory Shaw of Shaw Engineering appeared before the board for this proposal.
  • MR.
  • SHAW: Thank you.
  • For the record, my name is Greg Shaw from Shaw Engineering. With me tonight is Frank Gallagher, a principal of KWG Realty. I'm sure the board's familiar with this site, it's the Gallagher Transportation Park on Windsor Highway on the north side, I guess would be northwest side. MR. PETRO: We approved that rear building some time ago, correct? MR. SHAW: Correct, back in 1994 around that, this board approved a building in the southwest corner ...
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