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Wednesday, September 23, 2009 02:04:53 PM EDT
Wednesday, September 23, 2009 02:04:53 PM EDT
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  • ZB# 9 9-3 8 T.G.S.
  • Associates, Inc.
  • NY 12S71 50-584/219 1732 NUMBER DATE r'lyA^ riofyo-^*'^ O^^l'ori o<«vd *^CfO '.
  • PAY I TO THE iM/Pr % A M O U NT S^^O-**^ OF i t fr ^IM^^I^illllllimillll /b^ (oc^XiM lis D OCUMENT INCLUDES AN ARTIFICIAL WATERMARK - H OLD AT AN A NGLE TO VIFW n-OOl7 3e»* i :OHiq0 5 fl6,li: ••0 2 Ii500 7&36ii« ;-<:>& TGS A SSOCIATES I N C.
  • RD3 BOX 255 RED HOOK.
  • N UGENT: R eferred by the Planning Board for 20 ft. MR. R AAB: Jim Raab from Doce A ssociates here to assist Gary t onight because h is a rchitect c ouldn't make it and w e're here for exactly what the chairman just explained, for the variance on building number 3 of the site.
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