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Wednesday, September 23, 2009 02:06:04 PM EDT
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  • ZB# 0 0-1 8 48-2-2 0 / ^ ^ (^ y ORANGE COUNTY~NE csMHT , f D«*H) I I.
  • lAi(nnlculot»H) ||,f;A^C) STAT??, HIGHWAYS w v <«TaTr MWV wn 17 Photo Noi !l,-l!..L?,2..i5?..*..
  • (',v*!<w r,r\ J Cbi^rt^f p f v i O: ?»-<"" |(6 m'f»S**^-«««ia»»»t'f<Nl'»'»»«»il' Wi«i)l^,.
  • $CQUt 3 « iC)C s.
  • t 0WtMMl<«>»4 pm »w»««,lii«.|»«»(»4 APPLICATION FEE (DUE AT TIME OF FILING OF APPLICATION) APPLICANT: nij^lttinO.
  • (h) The deck is not constructed on top of any well or septic system, any sewer easement or water easement. 6 in front yard variance for existing deck and interpretation that a single-family home exists at 53 Lafayette Drive, in an R-5 zone as sought by the Applicant in accordance with plans f...
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